Aphasia Achievement--The Story Behind the Story

People with aphasia have a very interesting story to tell about their recovery given that it takes years of constant personal work and therapy that continues long after their formal therapy is done. 

HOW do people with aphasia get better?  Is there a process?  Were you ever aware of a process that was a step-by-step guide?

How did YOU get better? Was there a process that you were aware of? Or did you get better while still unaware of the process?

What do you do now to help others who are still on the path towards recovery? When did you become aware of the need to help others? When did you become aware of the needs of others while you were still in need?

At what point, did you become aware that the activities you were doing were highly therapeutic and based on the internal experience-dependent mechanisms of plasticity that were helping you, could also help others at the same time?

Under those conditions, people with aphasia have adopted a more forward facing stance towards improvement for all, and turned away from being considered a less-then survivor stance.

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