Thomas G. Broussard, Jr., Ph.D. – Founder & President, Aphasia Nation, Inc.

Three-Time Stroke Survivor and Johnny Appleseed of Aphasia Awareness.

He is an awarded author and public speaker.  He is also a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, and was a naval officer, shipbuilder, and a business owner in career development and training. 

Dr. Broussard was an associate dean at The Heller School at Brandeis University until his stroke in 2011. He started Stroke Educator, Inc. (2015) and Aphasia Nation, Inc. (2020), a non-profit with an international “Aphasia Awareness” campaign dedicated to educating the wider public about aphasia, a life-changing language disorder that few have ever heard of it!

Since then, he has written four books about aphasia, spoken at 36 states including India, Hong Kong, Nova Scotia and Canada over 750 presentations, and more than 18,000 people with aphasia, and family, caregivers, clinicians and students.

His fifth book, Stroke and Aphasia Recovery: Metaphors Help Us Mend was published in March 2022 and was awarded a Silver Medal by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association in July 30, 2022.